Pairing: Círdan/Gil-galad
Starcrossed by Weeping Naiad [Parental Guidance Suggested]
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The raising of a falling star...
Categories: Erestor's Library; Characters: Cirdan, Elrond, Fingon, Galdor, Gil-galad, Gildor, OFC, OMC; Beta Reader: Kathy Main, Keiliss
Challenge: Written For...: Slashy Santa Swap
Genre: Alternate Universe
Pairing: Círdan/Gil-galad, Elrond/Gil-Galad
Posted at...: Little Balrog, LOTR All Slash
Timeline: 2 - First Age
Warnings: Slash
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 11272; Read Count: 5614; Completed: Yes
Updated: January 13, 2008; Published: January 11, 2008