The Captive by Cat
Summary: A Captive bemoans fate...
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Genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
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Timeline: 6 - Beyond the Fourth Age
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Story Notes:
The usual disclaimers apply. Not mine, but I like to play with them from time to time.

1. Chapter 1 by Cat

Chapter 1 by Cat
The prisoner steeled herself for another day in service to her captors. Years, it had been, with no end in sight, no hope of rescue. They lay in wait, endlessly plotting, watching her every move. They even invaded her sleep with their insidious torture.
There were just too many of them for her to ever hope to avoid them, no place where she could find a moment's respite.
Footsteps. As soundlessly as they approached, she always heard them. she was familiar enough by now with their ways to know they would have some new, wickedly inventive means of invading her thoughts, breaking her resistance. They always did. There were two she was especially wary of, for they were diabolically clever with their torture methods. Endlessly libidinous, utterly creative, they were the bane of her existence. Their appearance would lead the unsuspecting to believe they were polar opposites, for one was the image of golden light, the other, darkness. Yet they were of one mind, one heart, united in their purpose. And there was no escape. Zhie snarled in defiance over her shoulder as she felt their looming presence.
"There is cheesecake imbedded in my keyboard again!"
End Notes:
I felt I owed someone a ficlet. *grin* Thanks, Zhie...
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