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This is the Terms of Service for your site. It will be displayed when a new member registers to the site. Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah. Oh, you want some real terms of service... okay then. This is a free service, provided to you, to read and post your works of Elf-centric Tolkien Fanfiction. Why? Because Elves are nifty, and it's no fun playing by myself here. Be nice. That's pretty much the only rule we stick hard and fast to. Oh, and read the submission rules before you start adding stories. Beyond that, we expect people to respect one another here. If you happen to read someone's story, please review, either with written word or at the very least by choosing a rating. Being nice doesn't mean you always have to say 'good job!' to everything, either. Criticism can be given in a nice way. Example: BAD: You suck! Stop writing! That will get you banned faster than Melkor from Valinor. GOOD: I noticed that your characterization of Thranduil is a little off. Him having dwarves over for tea and tennis seems a little odd. Perhaps you could explain why this is? Also, your grammar is difficult to read - you might want to consider a beta reader. It might sound harsh, but there may be some helpful points in it. BAD: I hate you!!!! You killed off MY character, you bitch! Whoa... time out needed for that one. (seems a little over protective of.. someone) GOOD: Wow! I am shocked! I never expected Legolas to be killed off in chapter eight - I hope you're going to bring him back, I loved reading about him in this story. Much better. So, off you go then, and if you have any questions, I'm just an email or IM away... -Zhie Yahoo IM - jubatus_rex PS -- SHAMELESS plug for my personal Tolkien archive here.. That is all.
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