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A swamp where the lost may be found and the found may lose everything.
Categories: Erestor's Library; Characters: Gildor, Maglor, OFC; Beta Reader: Chaotic_Binky
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Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst
Pairing: Surprise!
Posted at...: Little Balrog
Timeline: 5 - Fourth Age
Warnings: Het, Nudity, Sexual Situations, Slash

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Chapters: 9; Completed: Yes
Word count: 37278 Read: 81852
Published: September 08, 2007 Updated: November 07, 2008
Story Notes:Disclaimer: The characters and world belong to the Master himself, Tolkien. I am only borrowing them so they can come out and frolic a bit, not intending any copyright infringement of any sort. I do own my original characters, but they are available for parties!

Timeline: Fourth Age, post King Elessar Telcontar’s rule

Beta: Thanks so much to the ever creative and encouraging, Chaotic_Binky, without whom this story would not have seen the light of day! Also, thanks as always to my wonderful and supportive hubby (you can credit him for all of the comedic touches and any puns you may find).

1. Chapter 1 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (2548 words)
The young, the restless, the lost, and the found...

2. Chapter 2 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (3234 words)
Searching, finding, and topping...

3. Chapter 3 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (3915 words)
Swamp dreams, finer things, lost loons, and Lórien moons...

4. Chapter 4 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (3900 words)
Questions answered, plans unveiled, and oaths revealed...

5. Chapter 5 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (3022 words)
Requests fulfilled, searches begun, and destinations found...

6. Chapter 6 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (5047 words)
Mind games, heart pains, and decisions made...

7. Chapter 7 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (5489 words)
Recovery, reunions, and departures...

8. Epilogue 1 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 0] (5243 words)
Endings and new beginnings...

9. Epilogue 2 by Weeping Naiad [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (4880 words)
Into the West...