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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: The characters and world belong to the Master himself, Tolkien. I am only borrowing them so they can come out and frolic a bit, not intending any copyright infringement of any sort. I do own my original characters, but they are available for parties!

A/N: This was written for Inwë_Sáralondë for the Drabble meme.

Lindir stared, pain evident in his eyes as tears etched clear tracks down his soot covered face. He glanced down at the bloody sword in his hand, at his battered armor, at the battlefield littered with countless bodies of his kin and he cried out in despair. Flinging the sword away, he dropped to his knees and wept.

Lindir emptied his soul to the wind, his tears cleansing the stain of death and destruction he felt. When finally he was able to stand, Anor’s last rays gilded a changed elf. No sword would he ever wield again, instead his weapon would only be music from this moment forward. Taking the battered but not broken harp from his pack, he strummed his mother’s gift lovingly and began to sing as he slowly made his way back to camp. His voice lifted in hopeful splendor, a fitting tribute to those that had fought and died so valiantly.

Rmil heard the music and his desolation eased. He was drawn to the voice and sought it out, leaving his brother’s side for the first time since the final battle had begun.

Lindir felt eyes upon him and turned. The music died as he was transfixed by startling blue-grey eyes. The Galadhel blinked, breaking the spell. “Forgive me. I… had to meet the creator of such beauty among the ruin.”

Blushing at the sweet words, Lindir replied softly, “Thank you. I am Lindir of Imladris. I felt compelled to sing. All of this…” he stretched his arm wide, encompassing the battlefield, “was too much.”

Rmil came closer. The lyrical voice and light in Lindir’s violet eyes beckoned him. “I am Rmil of Lrien. Your song… it eased the burden of our losses.”

Their eyes met and Lindir began to sing as new hope was born.
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