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Story Notes:
This ficlet I wrote specifically for two wonderful people, Chaotic_Binky and Aglarien. I wanted them both to have the best day possible, so no angst here. Nothing but fluff as far as the eye can see!

The characters and world belong to the Master himself, Tolkien. I am only borrowing them so they can come out and frolic a bit, not intending any copyright infringement of any sort. I do own my original characters, but they are available for parties!

Laer, Imladris, 2825 T.A.

Erestor walked out of the bathing chamber, his face obscured by the large towel he was trying to dry his hair with when he heard a low whistle. He pulled the towel away from his face and glared at Glorfindel, who was standing with his back to the balcony wolfishly grinning at the dark elf’s nude form.

“What? And are you not just a bit overdressed?” Erestor queried when he noticed his husband’s attire. The Seneschal was dressed in tight fitting cream leggings which concealed nothing. His undershirt was of a sheer cream linen with billowy sleeves tied at the wrists and an open neckline with loosely tied tan strips crossing his chest. His over tunic which barely scraped the bottom of his buttocks was of a darker cream with subtle flowers woven in gold thread throughout. He wore knee high suede boots of a warm tan. The two tone outfit enhanced his golden hair and skin. His long hair was left mostly loose with a few warrior braids at the sides to keep it from his face.

“Nay, I am the Master of Ceremonies. I must look the part.” He walked to the dark elf and grabbed him in a tight embrace before asking, “And what part are you dressed for? That of the Master’s concubine?” He nuzzled at the porcelain neck before lightly nibbling it.

“You rogue! Let go of me so I can get dressed.” His pleas were half hearted as he relished being held tightly by his husband. As the nibbles turned more intense he tilted his head, allowing Fin greater access. Both faces turned to each other and their lips met in a love filled kiss. The arms holding him were withdrawn and he shivered at the loss of warmth. “You are too distracting. I will be late if you keep this up!”

Glorfindel’s laughter was bright and filled the room. “Who slept in this morning and is just now out of the bath? You cannot blame me for your sloth. I have been up for hours. And, even Sídhiel has been up and checking on you, twice!”

Erestor just glared as he was pulling on dark navy leggings. “If you had not kept me up half the night, I would have risen earlier. As it is, I am fortunate I did not sign up for any equestrian events.”

As he straightened, Glorfindel came up behind him and rubbed his backside. “So, I over did it, hmm? I cannot help it that you entice me so.” Fin felt himself grow hard at the memories of their lovemaking throughout the night. He rubbed his arousal against the dark one’s hips and claimed his lips in a searing kiss.

At that moment, the door to their chambers burst open and a whirlwind came running in, laughing and squealing. “Ada, Adar, hurry! The Wandering Company has arrived! They have animals! A lion, a bear, more! Hurry!” She stopped short as she realized that her Adas were still sharing “alone time”. And then she realized that she had not knocked as she was supposed to. “Oops! Sorry. Hold on!” She backed out the door and closed it, knocking on it once it shut. “It’s me, Sídhiel. Can I come in?”

Glorfindel could barely contain his laughter and even Erestor was smiling broadly as he replied, “Yes, pen vuin, you may enter.” Their arms were still entwined, but they were turned to face her when she ran in. “Did you hear me? Come on! We don’t want to miss it!” And then she noticed that Erestor only had his leggings on and his hair was still wet. “Ada!” She huffed. “You’re not ready?” She glared at Glorfindel. “Why didn’t you wake him? We can’t be late!” She turned to the dark elf as she ordered, “Sit down. I will take care of your hair. It will be faster this way.”

Glorfindel walked out onto the balcony and drank in the chaos in the valley that these games had wrought. He was delighting in the celebration. It would bring joy and light to the Eldar and he hoped even bring all the Elven realms closer together. He was so pleased that it had all been Aurvellas’ idea and even more pleased that Erestor had managed to convince Thranduil that Mirkwood must participate, too.

As he stood, basking in the sun, he relished the joy that infused his entire being. He smiled as he listened to his iell and Erestor banter. No one had ever mastered the dark one quite like Sídi. Of course, her love for him was obvious to all. And, that too, filled the Elda with such joy. He had a loving family, including a child to raise. He bowed his head in silent prayer for a moment, thanking the Valar for all they had given him.

He turned back to his family when silence reigned, and gasped, marveling at how incredible Erestor could make even plain, unadorned clothes look. His husband, his one stood there, smirking, wearing dark, navy leggings, black ankle high leather boots, and a simple black sleeveless tunic. The tunic had subtle navy stars woven throughout and was tightly belted with a wide black leather belt. His hair was pulled back into a single long plait, but wavy tendrils ever threatened to escape their confines.

Glorfindel could not resist the vision before him and he took the darkling elf in a strong embrace and kissed him hard, his tongue tasting his love’s sweetness. He pulled back and whispered, his eyes twinkling, “You look far too good for the competition. Are you trying to win by distracting them with your beauty?” At that comment, Sídhiel snorted, and Erestor punched his shoulder.

“Adar, can we go now, please?”

Both elves recognized the tone that was beginning to creep into their iell’s voice and if they didn’t leave soon, she could escalate that tone into the most annoying whine imaginable. They glanced at each other, one last time, drinking in the sight of the one that each loved best, the one that completed each.

At their delay, Sídhiel grabbed each elf’s hand and began to tug. “Come on! The Wandering Company is already setting up and since you’re Master of Ceremonies, Adar, you cannot be late. Hurry!”

They complied, and began to walk toward the courtyard, their hands intertwined. It was proving to be a glorious day.

The End

Laer – Summer
Ada – Daddy
Adar – Father
pen vuin – dear one
iell – daughter
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