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Story Notes:

Not mine, I wish!

Author's Chapter Notes:
A little AU humor Imladris style...

Glorfindel holds the door for Elrond as he is maneuvering a series of boxes into his study. In the process of unpacking them to reveal a series of unlikely-looking objects, Glorfindel's curiosity overcomes him. "What is this?" he asks. Elrond has a decidedly smug look on his face as he replies. 

"A Begetting Day gift for Erestor. And one for me. Guaranteed to keep him angst-free for many loa to come." 

Glorfindel is skeptical. "A worthy endeavor! But I'll believe it when I see it, and you still haven't told me what it is."

 "This" my friend, Elrond gazes fondly upon the assortment- "Is a computer. I acquired it from the Dwarves. They all have them. Utterly fascinating...better than a palantir." 

Glorfindel peers at the objects dubiously. "Sounds like trouble looking for a place to happen..." 

"Think of it as a library in a box. When we get it assembled..." 

"WE?!!" The famous eyebrow climbs toward Elrond's hairline. "Glorfindel, have you suddenly become hard of hearing? WE. As in YOU and I." 

Horrified, Glorfindel backs away. "But I don't know anything about..." 

"Nor do I. That is why there's an instruction book. Also, the Dwarves have something they call a "tech hotline". Not that we will need it of course..." His penetrating stare dares Glorfindel to object. 

Many hours later Glorfindel is gazing about in confusion. "Are you sure we did it right? There seem to be a lot of things left over..." 

"Those are accessories and peripherals," Elrond sniffs. 

"Socket wrenches and a hammer are accessories?"

 "Dwarven sense of humor...besides, he'll never know the difference. Erestor never was mechanically inclined. If he breaks something, I'll send him to the smiths. I still owe them for that ghastly armor they designed in the second age..." 

"So that's what they meant by 'Great Armadillo Horde' Glorfindel mumbles. 

"I beg your pardon?" Elrond's eyebrow is climbing again. 

"Never don't want to know." 

Elrond's expression is one of smug satisfaction. “If you said what I think you did, revenge is indeed going to be very sweet." 

"You're devious..." Glorfindel grins conspiratorially, "I think I'm really beginning to enjoy this." 


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