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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates to Blood Bond, but, can you believe it, I've misplaced chapter 4! Trying desperately to find it now. In the meantime, I have a little something for you all today. Hope it holds you over until BB can be updated. Thanks!


Title: Untitled
Author: Mawgy
Beta: None- all mistakes are mine
Rated: PG
Genre: philosophy/fluff
Warnings: Male/Male relationship
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Summary: Erestor ponders his lack of physical relations with Glorfindel and remedies it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and am making no money from this story… I just like to play with other people’s toys. :D

Erestor looked up from his book and watched Glorfindel as he double-checked the monthly rosters before handing them in to Elrond on the morn. Firelight danced over the bronzed skin and golden hair, the ever-moving flames left Erestor transfixed as they played over his husband’s form.

Quietly, he closed his book and put it aside, then returned his hand to his lap and looked to Glorfindel once more.

“Do you realise,” he started softly, not wishing to disturb Glorfindel too much, “that it has been fifty years since we last made love?”

Glorfindel frowned in response and took a moment for himself before looking up.

“I know it has been some time since we last touched, though I was not aware it had been so long,” he replied.

“The last time we joined in body was just after we returned from visiting the human settlement near here, for the mayor’s son’s wedding. He was but twenty at the time. On my visit there last week I met with him again, only to discover that he is now seventy. For creatures with everlasting life fifty years is not so great a time as it is to humans. I doubt the lad shall live much longer, and I missed his life. It just flew by, as though it was just a blink of an eye from his wedding, until this day. We feel the passage of time, I know, but only take pause for monumental occasions. City’s fall, alliances are made, evil spreads, couples wed, children are born…these are all important events that occur too often or not often enough. And it is by these dates that we mark our lives. I was born, we wed, Melkor rose, Gondolin was destroyed, Imladris was built, we married again. If there is any mention of me in history, then it is only by these occurrences that anyone shall know of my name once we leave these shores. We have eternity to live, but have we ever truly done so? I watched as Keegan’s wife laid out his supper for him. Fifty years after their marriage, three children and seven grandchildren, and she still makes his dinner. He brings her flowers every week and leaves them on the dining table. Hand in hand they bid me goodnight from their dwelling. And from across the town hall I saw them kiss passionately. They are old, their bodies dying and wrinkles marring their once youthful faces, yet I feel they are more alive in each moment than I have ever been,” Erestor said almost dispassionately.

“That can not be so. Humans have so short a life span that if they were to live like us they would simply die from inactivity. Our bodies were created differently. While we are graceful and immobile, they are always in motion, even as they sleep. They only rest in death, yet even then their bodies will decay and rot, and will one day rejoin the earth from which they were born,” Glorfindel consoled.

“I know,” Erestor agreed and nodded his head. “When we were young we were as Keegan and his wife still are. It took us almost three hundred years before our bodies were sated. And upon your return our bodies awoke again. I love you, and I know you love me. Whether we express our love physically or not, I know our feelings will never change. Many elves go through similar experiences, I am not so proud as to believe we are different from any other. But when we were young, eternity seemed so far away and I thought our romps in the bedroom would never cease. When I remarked to Keegan how compatible he and his wife were, even after so many years, he agreed, stating every moment with her was surely blessed by the Valar themselves. I did not mean to, but my sudden melancholy for our relationship bled through, and mentioned our lack of touch these last five decades. He smiled sympathetically and told me he and his wife went through the same thing upon the arrival of their third child. It was not until five years later that they were able to overcome this hurdle. His wife, Lanette, no longer felt attractive and it took longer for him to become aroused through touch alone. It was not until a travelling peddler came through their town that the answer was apparent.”

“And, what was that?” Glorfindel urged as Erestor fell silent.

“Do you miss making love to me, or I to you?” Erestor asked sincerely.

“I miss your touch and closeness. But sex alone is meaningless if we are only doing it only to prove we still find one another comely.”

A small smile crept upon Erestor’s lips. “Then allow me to disagree with you. Making love and having sex are completely different things. The actions may be similar, but the meanings are different. However, what if I wanted you to make love to my body? Not make love to me, but to my body? To prove to me physically that you still find me attractive?”

“Of course I find you-”

Erestor lowered his hand. “I don’t want reassurances with words, I want you to prove it physically.”

“Very well,” Glorfindel put aside his work and stood up. He stepped over to Erestor and leant down to kiss his husband. Erestor turned his head away.

“No, I want your body to show me mine is still necessary to its needs, just as eating and drinking is.”

“I’m not sure how to do that,” Glorfindel admitted.

“There was once a time you were able to come just from looking at me. I would not be so cruel as to demand that from you now, but if you could rise for me…?” Erestor left his meaning hanging in the air.

Glorfindel nervously coughed. “Erestor, such times were from when we had only just met,” he said, walking back to his chair. “My body had not yet gained control of itself. I doubt I could do so for you now, no matter how much I wish to fulfil your desires.”

“Precisely!” Erestor laughed softly. “Lanette felt unattractive because her husband’s body failed him as he aged and became unresponsive, even to stimuli that in his youth he was powerless to ignore. Their feelings for one another never waned, yet sometimes feelings are not strong enough to persuade the body of what it wants, other senses are needed as well. So this peddler suggested a remedy. One that has not failed them yet. Instead of arousing one another with words and physical touch, they instead tried, and succeeded, in awakening their bodies once more. Returning to a time familiar to them. And they did so by using only their eyes.”

“How? What was this remedy the peddler suggested?”

“You truly wish to know?” Erestor asked.

“I am most interested. Tell me,” Glorfindel nodded his head once, certain of his answer.

“Better yet, I can show you. Wait here,” Erestor said and left the room.

Glorfindel stayed where he was and picked up the roster again, patiently waiting.

Erestor returned a few moments later. He remained in the doorway and leant against it. “Glorfindel,” he called sultrily.

Glorfindel lifted his head. His eyes stopped dead on what he saw. His mouth was agape and within moments he was harder than he could ever recall being.

“Good boy,” Erestor teased, then held out his hand for Glorfindel to join him. The blonde flew from his chair and into his lover’s arms where their mouths met with passionate abandon. The rosters would just have to wait.

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